Diag Tool

Diagnostic Tools


(BMW Codes - Not Generic) Scan, Read, Clear all available modules on the vehicle: DME - EGS - EWS - IKE - ZKE - Much more.


With this, you can code and program virtually any modules.

Mileage Check

Shops can benefit with mileage check and mileage correction for repairs and Pre-Purchase Inspections.

No Subscriptions

No subscriptions, so there are no paid updates.

  • BMW SCANNER FOR MODELS: E32 - E34 - E36 - E38 - E39 - E46 - E53 - E83 - E85

    INPA/NCS EXPERT FOR MODELS: E36 - E38 - E39 - E46 - E53 - E60 - E70 - E83 - E85 - E90/92


BMW Diagnostic PA Scanner 1.4

(Software with OBD-I, OBD-II Adapters)
55.50Shipped (US)

K+DCAN Cable Only

Used for INPA. Cable Only.
39.99Shipped (US)

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